Privacy Policy

Aakarshan International Pvt.Ltd. (Aakarshan) has its own policy and protection mechanism in regards to collecting personal information, data and use of its data, disclose, rights and consent, reporting mechanism, etc. Aakarshan collects information from our users after reaching and registering with our web portal. Any data we request from our users is purely taken on their consent and on a voluntary basis.

Meanwhile, our Privacy Policy includes full compliance of law and consent which helps to protect our users’ privacy, make and create hassle-free use of our site, and also refrain that at which level Aakarshan discloses our user’s information at which extend. Though we always encourage our users to go through our portal to get information freely at any time.

Abiding the laws of Nepal to conduct our business activities and its implications is the fundamental principle behind introducing and sharing privacy policy which we hold it’s as our ethics. Aakarshan’s privacy policy is meant to assure to our users that, our policy is legally binding and compliance where we do respect and follow applicable laws of Nepal and all of its connections at all ways. Thus when we do collect any sort of information/data of our visitors it will be as per the applicable laws and want to make confirm that our practice of collecting, using and sharing information of our users is purely on the basis of users consent and remain as per the adherence of law.

Aakarshan respects the information/data of our values users, though we do handle such data with care and protect with the best applicable laws and mechanisms.

  • Scope of the policy of privacy are categorized as below;
  • All business partner (Clients)
  • Visiting and adjunct candidates /workers/workers relatives
  • Employees of the organization
  • All stakeholders and interested parties
  • Governing/regulatory Body and system operator
  • All users/Visitors etc.

Aakarshan International Pvt. Ltd. is serious on the protection of personal information and data of its users. Thus in the privacy policy we do disclose about the information which we do retain and collection from our users who will go through our website. It also explain about the purpose and how do we use it. Data, information, group of intellectual property, business –to- business information is the core and we take the privacy and protection of data and information seriously, and are committed to handle the personal information of all those we directly and indirectly engage with, whether clients, customers, suppliers, colleagues or any other community, responsibly and in a way that meets the legal requirements of the countries in which we operate.

Therefore, purpose behind introducing the policy of privacy is all about to establish a structure for the ownership, reporting, identification, management and commercialization of such data.

  • To keep and secure the information related to business, employees, customers, agencies, employers and other stakeholders
  • To maintain secure data bank of internal operating system
    schedule Monitoring procedures related to protection of identity and retaliation are in place
  • To prevent reduced protection of identity and retaliation
  • To make investigation if found any wrong doing from unauthorized user.

Aakarshan seeks to provide an environment for the encouragement of creative work, the dissemination of knowledge and security protection of the data and information of its users and protection mechanism. Privacy Policy statement assures for following;

  • Upheld the security protection of all information of users including the copyright, patents, trademarks/trade secrets, industrial design, location
  • Schedule monitor will carry out in regards to the use of such information and compliance is undergo (in regards to make sure for ethical recruitment , fair business, advertising etc.) as per standard established like to prevent collusion with other organization /agency for any reason
  • Make sure for protection of identity and non-retaliation activities are carried out in service facility using the information of users
  • Personal information will keep safely and will not disclose at all at any cost unless require by subject
    Carry out regular surveillance whether policy is implemented or not
  • This policy also acknowledge proper guidelines about the distribution/dissemination of
    Non Disclosure is maintained and keeps confidential at all the level.

Aakarshan is committed for right use of personal information of its users/visitors; we do connect us via our portal. We collect only the minimum amount of personal information necessary for our purpose, size and nature of our organizations; unless users want to provide us more. We do encourage our users only to share your amount of data/information which you want to share and feel comfort to share.

Thus we also share simple way of accessing, amending and deleting option too, which they have shared with us earlier as well. Information we do assemble from our users are categorized as below;

1. Personal Information:
full name
email address
phone number
address, state, provenance, ZIP/Postal code, city

2. Technical Information
web server logs
user name
IP address

3. Others (If any)
company details

The information which Aakarshan “DO NOT” collects is;
information related to personal Sensitive/Emotional associated with;
social security number and info
genetic death
health information
religious information

Information of aged below 15
Information maintained at Repositories

Our users are our key property and we do always protect them from unauthorized use and malfunctions from every end. User shall revoke their consent to use, processing and dissemination of personal data.

Herein, in order to make strong, liable and improves quality services which shall meet the expectations of the users we shall go through some information from our third parties accessing from; Google, Google Play Store, Facebook App etc. On such cases, if we need to get access of such mentions as above, we do introduce and post privacy policy that disclose usages of their services and cookies from the web portal.

In the era of digital, every people are connected with the technology so far, in the other hand visitors are also being awake in regards to the laws associated with the privacy policy and protection mechanism and safeguards. Thus Aakarshan is committed to build trust and give them a comfort zone to use the portal. Letting the users know about the policy which refrain for disclosures and how transparently Aakarshan is dealing with the information which we do collect.

Thus the transparency in the context of collecting information ,handling, sharing and safeguard the personal information; which enhance the space of building big trust and using the portal freely with zero fear.

Aakarshan only do share and process personal information after having the consent and permission of the users. For example if we need to process any bio data for any requirements for recruitment, firstly we do check with the user/candidate and after having their permission (verbal/written) we go for share the bio data to the third party.

  • Aakarshan DO NOT share personal information for the purpose of sell, rent, trade use or commercial use etc.
  • Aakarshan DO NOT discloses user personal information outside the organization unless its mandatory only.

Users shall reserve the rights associated with their personal information containing on;

  • Right of getting access of own data
  • Right of making necessary rectification
  • Right to restrict on sharing and processing of personal information

We provide a high standard of privacy protection to all our users around the world. Aakarshan takes every measure reasonably required and needed to protect our users personal information from unauthorized access alteration or destruction, maintain data accuracy appropriate use etc. Aakarshan undertake following steps for safeguards of personal information.

  • Procedure has been established with the specific roles and responsibilities for the process owner. Thus assign major task for safeguards aligns with Aakarshan’s identified framework of working procedures.
  • Security safeguards have been introduced to protect the personal information details containing the confidentiality, integrity, access etc.
  • Management Representative (MR) has assign the responsibilities for safeguard of the information
  • Further procedure of taking actions in case of data/information breach

Aakarshan’s privacy policy and protection mechanism contains a lot of information about how we collect, use, share and protect personal information that we have accessed.

Trust of our users is our assets and thus we do on time address their queries . We will user your email address or telephone number to get communicate with you, if you allow us to do so then only. You may use contact form to submit your queries in regards to the policy.

Protection of our user’s personal information/data is the highest priority to Aakarshan. Though we definitely keep you inform and get your permission if we need to share and process further. Aakarshan complies with statutory provisions when we do collect, process or using of data including but not limited to.

In this privacy declaration, Aakarshan provide an overview of the data that we undertake and most importantly how do we use and purpose of the collection and safeguard. This privacy declaration also confirms that it applies to Aakarshan’s website only and does not apply to any other website, where we provide our link. Aakarshan reserve the right to go for necessary change and amendments at any time.