Terms and Conditions

Aakarshan International Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL) follows entire terms and conditions for better relation, trust and quality service. As with any legal contract, both parties, The First Party and Second Party legally binding to follow up the terms and conditions.

The First Party hereinafter called as Employer and Second Party is called Aakarshan International Pvt. Ltd. (Recruitment Agency).

Both Parties agrees to go through ethical (lawfull, voluntarily, transparent, non discrimination and with human treatment) recruitment practices guided by Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) or any other international standard recruitment practices.

The First Party shall issue a Demand Letter (complete set of attested documents) to the Second Party as per required documents list. Both parties herein shall obtain the approval from the respective government of their location to recruit and cater the candidates liaising with rules and regulations of their respective countries.

The First party shall provide with Visa/NOC with necessary work permits from destination country government authority. In case of not issue of Visa due to whatever reasons the First Party shall be responsible for reimbursement of job seekers expenses.

The First Party is responsible for visa processing in destination country and take responsibility of the workers after arrival within their employment period and until their safe repatriation back to Nepal. whereas the second party is liable to admit the entire process in Nepal.

The Second Party is responsible for shortlisting and screening of the prospective candidate for interview. The First Party should inform in advance about their arrival and interview schedule to the The Second Party.

The Second Party advertise vacancy announcement or source the candidate accordance to the received attested documents.

The Second Party shall advertise fairly the vacancy announcement in the name of the First Party disclosing the First Party’s name (as required by local law) on the newspaper or any means of media after getting approval from the  government authority.

The First Party should provide the visa within about one month of the candidates’ selection and Second Party should deploy the candidates within one month or as per the requirement of the First Party.

If the candidate is tendered resignation with at least one month notice First Party shall bear the repatriation cost. But if a candidate is terminated due to his misconduct or involved in any illegal case and terminated, The First party will not be liable for repatriation cost.

The First Party shall recruit the candidate according to the job and category specified on the attested documents and shall deploy on the same area and country.

Recruitment and Agency Fees: Shall be borne by employer (The First Party).

Other Terms & Conditions
The Second Party agrees that under no circumstances, has any right to change the candidates, which are selected by the First Party. However, if the situation arises requiring change or replacements, then the second party shall take prior written approval from the First Party for such replacement or change.

The Second Party shall provide the First Party a weekly recruitment status report after selection of candidates.
The Second Party shall inform the First party of their arrival details by any means of communications in advance so as to receive them.

The Second Party agrees and undertakes to keep all information that it may acquire or get from the first party by virtue of this agreement strictly confidential and shall not disclose the same to any third party during the terms of this agreement.

The Second Party is responsible for giving pre departure orientation.

Both Parties are agree to inform and update the change of rules and regulations of respective countries time to time.

Note: Terms and Conditions are about to be updated as guided by Nepal government, both countries bilateral agreement and Top Managements commitments. Please stay tuned..