Management Policies

Aakarshan International Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL) has developed policies and procedures based on Labor Standard, Business Ethics, Health and Safety and International Standard Management system for ethical recruitment practice and effective implementation. Having effective, up to date and easy to follow policies and written control documents minimizes risk to customers, employees, employers and the organization itself and can ensure that statutory requirements, standards, and regulations are understood and provides a framework to monitor compliance.

Through the policy, the management will ensure that there is a process whereby all policy documentation is consistent in format, compilation, and dissemination. In addition, there will be an effective process for managing and reviewing policies and any associated written control documents on a regular basis, to ensure that documentation remains legally compliant and actions are undertaken in a safe and efficient manner. The policy will ensure that the management has been meeting its legal responsibilities and provides a clear organizational approach to documentation.

For staying on top of changes like regulatory change and control assessment, It establishes appropriate behaviors track conformance and demonstrate compliance. Policies, and the procedures that support them, reach far beyond human resource concerns to create the foundation of company’s operations. For same instance we have established different policies like Zero Cost, Hiring & Wages, Non Discrimination, Human treatment, Business Integrity, No Improper Advantage (Bribery/corruption), NDA, Fair Business, Advertising and Competition, Privacy, Risk, CSR and Work health and safety etc.