As being in a service industry of Nepal since 30th June 2005 for more than 14 years, Aakarshan International Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL) has been also believing in giving back to the society where it belongs, while complying with local, national and international laws and regulations and operating the business.

AIPL is committed for involvement towards the activities of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It has established a separate Policy for CSR for making it more effective and transparent.  Some of the areas of CSR are as below:


Awareness Program (Foreign Job and Zero Cost)
As part of CSR, we have been taking parts in progams organized by FNCCI and other organizations and conducting various awareness programs related to foreign employment, avoiding force labor, zero fee for employment, non discrimination and other basic information in different parts of Nepal. Being a recruitment agency, we believe in initiating ourselves for proper and accurate communication with candidates, public and related stakeholders through this program.


We have been sponsoring for social and youth development enhancement activities through educational stationeries and scholarship programs, medical kits and health check-up camps, distributing sport goods and cultural programs etc. We believe it will make meaningful livings of ones life.


To make our community’s people a better and important place to live, we often do charity for natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, landslides etc. And also to those people who are affected from different political and social issues.


Environmental activities, we regularly organize and participate in different environment activities such as cleaning campaign of river, temples, roads etc. Planting trees in different places and circulating environmental awareness is not only for today but also for tomorrow.


Blood Donation Program:
Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person, “the gift of life”. Though we are also organizing a blood donation program periodically in the association of Nepal Red Cross Society.


Welfare Fund:
As a contingency and emergency perspective, we have formed a  Welfare Fund Program for our employees, candidates (for their entire employment contract) and candidates family members (father, mother, wife/husband, own kids). This program has designed to contribute for those who are effected by any means in their daily lives. This program is transparently managed and published by Accounts Department with direct supervision of BOD.