Aakarshan International Pvt Ltd
Address: Sambhu Marga (Near Airport),
Kathmandu, Nepal /
Tel : +9771 4498701 I Fax : +9771 4466767

Marketing (International)
+9771 4498701 (Hotline)
+977 9801122309 (H/P)

For all types of suggestions, complains, grievances or violations
+9771 4498701 (Hotline)
+977 9801122231 (H/P). For direct call, whatsApp, viber, imo or any other social medias and communication.

We encourage our customer, suppliers, clients, job seekers and related stakeholders to call us or write their thoughts and issues. We will look after all incoming messages or grievances. We have effective grievance and protection of identity mechanisms.

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