Aakarshan International Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL) , assure safe employment opportunity. We both comply with all the statutory and regulatory procedural requirement and adhere to many bench marking best practices the industry in Nepal is yet to adopt. We believe in fair and competitive opportunity for any job seeker and we take care in making sure that every job seeker gets an equal opportunity as per his/her potential. Applying through us, a job seeker is likely to notice some of the features as below in our deliveries.

  • Counseling
  • Safe and Assured
  • Low Investment
  • Transparent and Fair Recruitment
  • Legalized Procedure
  • Orientation
  • Placement
  • Feedback
  • Safe and Assured

We understand that job seekers are looking for a safe and a rewarding job experience. Through our systematic HR process, each job opportunity we provide is safe and properly assured through his/her employment period.

Low Investment
One of the primary concerns we have for job seekers is we focus on minimizing investment. We only charge for wherever it becomes necessary. What we suggest as fees are only mandatory charges to government and agencies. – Also, we often try for low cost/free recruitment opportunity from reputed employers. When we do have such an arrangement, job seekers do not need to pay any charges.

Transparent and Fair Recruitment
Our selection procedure is transparent. Job seekers can see how their process is carried out, without discrimination of any kind. The only discrimination we have is that we only select the best.

Legalized Procedure
Every step of the HR process is thoroughly analyzed, cross-checked and asked permission with the necessary govt agencies. Therefore, any announcement bearing our name a job seeker comes across has been put through the legal process and it is a legitimate information one can use to plan and apply for themselves and/or pass the information to other job seekers, rest assured that particular information has come through legalized procedure.

Often times, the job seekers looking for a suitable opportunity do not know the proper and formal way to seek help. They are often clueless, ill-informed and bear the risk of misguide if they do not come to a proper organization which provides a specialized counseling service. At our counseling facility, we hear them patiently and provide them with the proper counseling. When necessary we also provide orientation service towards the professional engagement of the informed choice they have made for themselves.

We are dedicated for on time placement of candidates in the diverse landscape and a wide range of good working environment. Where they can perceive challenging, real and relevant environment, involvement, motivation and carefully monitoring as stipulated by employers.

We roll out the feedback from customers (clients, customers, relative’s stakeholders and interested parties) for continual improvements and make them satisfied from our end.