Managing Director & Founder

Incredible Journey as “An Ethical Recruitment Organization” with the vow of continuous improvements pledging every brand new day in our service. Erecting ourselves as one of the Brands in the field of Foreign Recruitment is all about the outcome from our flawless services with the motto of establishing a model organization underlying the compliance of law of Nepal, destination country, bilateral agreement, and best international recruitment practices.

Blending of core competencies having a team spirit, commitment to excellence, strategic management approach, Business Acumen to match the right people to the right job has helped us to make it believes over 14 glorious successful stories in the human resources for ethical recruitment practices, where we focus on ensuring that everyone is treated with non discriminatory basis, free of

harassment, equal opportunities, respectful environment, confidential and, transparent manner with small touches. Recruitment has come of age; it’s about careful, considered selection and placement. Ethical recruitment is our long-term investment with the highest degree of commitment as always.

Milan Thapa
Managing Director